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Goss / Shanov Genealogy -

Extended Family Trees
of Clint Goss and Vera Shanov

This page holds the composite genealogical research I did in February-April 2012 on our various family trees.

Information sources include:

The family trees are provided as a composite PDF. These charts were drawn in Corel Draw with a page size of 34″ × 44″, so they are quite large. You will need to use the zoom and pan controls on your Adobe PDF viewer to see the detail of the information:

Goss / Shanov Extended Family Trees in PDF

Here is the first page of the chart as a JPG file. You can click on the image for a larger version.

In the future, I'll post all the pages as individual JPG images.

Index Page

Page WS

If you have additional information, please contact me at: clint@goss.com.

Source Documents

Goss Family Bible Scans

These images were scanned from the Goss Family Bible. They show all the genealogical information logged by various people. You can click on each of the images for a larger version.



Notes of Mary Goss Boyden in 1886


Notes of H. Clinton Goss, Sr.

Shanov / Melanchenko Family Trees

This information was entered into Family Echo by Vera Shanov in July 2011.


[Mail]You can contact us at our primary email addresses: clint@goss.com and vera@shanov.com

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